Re: Saraphina insulin test results

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Cyndi,

The only way to know which pads she prefers is to try them on her. What works this week may be different next week as her feet change, so be prepared to experiment as needed. The Cloud pads squish down nicely to conform to the bottoms of her feet, so they fill all the nooks and crannies and spread the support across all the structures - as it should be. Because of this, it works best if you know which boot came off which foot so that the boots don't get switched around each time they get taken off. The Prascend dose is likely helping, but so is the time since the trim as her soles have been slowly adding back some of the depth that was taken way during the trim. That will also help her hugely.

As Jeannean mentioned, getting good quality rads would be extremely helpful. Having the dorsal wall marked, as well as the tip of the frog, give you concrete markers to use in making trim decisions. Barium paste is very simple to use and quite effective as it will follow all the contours of the hoof wall. Here is a link to tips on how to get the most out of having rads done:

If you can organize having the vet and farrier there at the same time that would be ideal as you can trim to the rads to get things as optimal as possible in real time. Using nerve blocks to her feet so the farrier can access them as needed would also be helpful - these are a temporary block that wears off fairly quickly but allows her to be comfortable while completely unaffected in any other way.

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