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I agree with Sherry. If you request the ESC and Starch tests FIRST, and then find the levels too high for your horse you will only be out a small amount of money. You can then have a different lot of hay tested  and hopefully find a better/lower  ESC load of hay. 

I used to live in Maryland and bought hays from MD and VA. Much of MD and VA is red clay soil so a lot of the hays growing in that type of soil can be really high in IRON. Trying to balance high iron hay is a PITA!

However, if you can find hay grown in the Tidewater region the soils may be sandy and MUCH lower in iron. Balancing the minerals in hay grown in the lower iron regions can be much easier to do and results in a much more palatable batch of balancing minerals.

FYI, always ask for hay test results to be emailed to you. You will get the results faster and can make a decision about your hay purchase.
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