Re: Hoof abscesses in front hooves

Sherry Morse

Hi Rhonda,

Based on test results and symptoms I would concentrate on getting Scooter's insulin under better control.  We do not have any current trim pictures and the only x-ray in your file showed an excessively long toe which may or may not have been addressed by now.  Abscessing is a sign of something wrong in the hoof - whether it's a trim imbalance, a metabolic insult or an injury.  You can absolutely see gas pockets in the hoof on x-ray ( may be a good refresher on that). 

Since Scooter was recently trimmed now would be a good time to take and post hoof pictures so we can see what's going on with his feet. As a reminder, information on how to take good hoof pictures as well as making sure you get useful x-rays is in the Wiki here:

In December you said Scooter weighed 1183 and we all said that based on pictures you posted that was a good weight for him (  If we take 1183 to be his actual ideal weight he should be eating no more than 23.66lbs a day and that includes hay plus concentrates. Free choice hay (with an unknown ESC+starch number) plus 2 quarts of timothy cubes (which also have an unknown ESC+starch content) could be pushing up his insulin levels and there's a good chance the current hoof issues are related to the elevated insulin as well. 

You also recently mentioned that his weight has increased 10lbs (to 1193) recently.  To me that's a red flag that he needs a reduction in intake, particularly when coupled with the elevated insulin number and foot soreness. 

It would be a great help to us if you could update his case history so it's current as the last update was done in June of last year.

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