Re: Hoof abscesses in front hooves

Rhonda Turley

I have the vet coming Friday to take blood samples for metabolic testing and x-rays of his front feet. Scooter has been in this same large (33 horse)boarding barn for many years.  The hay changes frequently.  I have been matching his hay amount to his amount of exercise as best as I.  If this were my barn I would weigh everything but it is not and I have to eyeball the amounts of hay.  Up until this current episode of hoof abscesses he was in full training as he was an advanced level dressage horse and doing extremely well so I was going to enter him in dressage class in September.  The extra 10 lbs is muscle.  This was the best he has ever looked.He receives 1 qt of beet pulp and 1 qt of ordinary timothy hay cubes, soaked twice a day.  The soaked beet pulp and timothy cubes are the carrier for his supplements which get mixed in. When I get the results from Scooter's metabolic testing, I will update his case history.
Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020
Scooter and Rhonda

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