Re: Hoof abscesses in front hooves

Rhonda Turley

For some reason the April 19, 2021 results do not show up as everyone tells me this but they are in the case history.  There are actual physical indications of hoof abscesses.  Changes in medial and lateral hoof pulses are evident at times.  Painful on left hoof or right hoof or both.  I see changes in the frog/heel areas where an abscess has exited. He has been perfectly sound and in dressage training  and doing extremely well until hoof abscesses showed up over 2 weeks ago.  I was wondering if it is a coincidence that abscesses and the seasonal rise are together or are they separate.  Does he need more Prascend for example?  My vet is coming on Friday to collect blood samples for metabolic testing plus xrays.  The samples will be sent to Idexx for a quick response.  I will update his case history at that time. Hopefully a solution for Scooter can be found. Thanks for your assistance!
Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020
Scooter and Rhonda

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