Re: Hoof abscesses in front hooves

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Ronda,

After your vet visit and blood pull on Friday, I would start titrating up his pergolide right away, in anticipation of having to increase it.  If the results come back next week within range, you can always drop it back down then.  Do you see a correlation with abscessing beginning or worsening in the late summer to autumn?

As Dr Kellon said, a stretched whiteline is an opportunity for bacteria to get into the hoof and cause abscesses.  The only way you can really resolve that is to find a way to get his insulin under better control so his whiteline isn't stretched anymore.  I totally understand dietary interventions are difficult in large boarding barns, but if you could arrange to have the hay soaked it would make a big difference for Scooter.  He will grow healthier hooves with better lamellar connection.

However, ongoing abscesses do also strongly suggest ongoing trim issues.  Definitely feel free to post your rads AND a current round of hoof photos (preferably taken the day of the rads before trim changes are made) if you'd like feedback.  Its not always easy to hear, but it could be the source or a significant contributor to Scooter's problems.  Instructions on taking, posting and labelling hoof photos correctly are here:

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