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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Tina,

In reference to your last post ( I would suggest you contact a hay balancer to determine what you need to supplement to feed the orchard grass, and if your current supplements are meeting your horse's needs.  It is money well spent (unless you are almost done with this hay's supply).  Here is the list of approved hay balancers:

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I took a quick look at Griffin's case history.  I'm glad you are soaking his orchard grass hay as it is a little high in ESC + starch.  Even with soaking it though his insulin is still higher than we'd like to see it, at least as of Jun 10.  I would remove the Triple Crown balancer (if you get your hay balanced, you will be given details on what to feed instead that will be safe to feed an EMS horse and better meet his nutritional needs).  For the loose stools, try increasing his pre-biotic fibre by adding mollasses-free beet pulp (rinsed, soaked until soft, then rinsed clean again), pure psyllium husk, or ground flaxseed.  You can also add a high quality pro-biotic; Forco, Uckele, and Mad Barn all have good pro-biotic options.

Once he has been on 1mg pergolide for at least 3 weeks, it would be a good idea to re-test his baseline ACTH to make sure 1 mg pergolide has brought it into a safe range (no need to do the TRH stim now, his baseline ACTH was already abnormal and it can be used to monitor him going forward).

Do you have any other questions?

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