Hay testing

Tina Bachmann <zipnalng@...>

Thanks Bonnie and Sherry for getting back to me. I have not found new hay to test yet so I am going to ask you to look at what I am feeding now to see if I need to add any supplements. The test I did on this orchard grass was the 600 fast track and I am soaking  6lbs twice a day. He also gets TC 30% balancer  1 cup twice a day. 1 lb of TC low starch forage 2 times a day while waiting for hay to soak. And then I give him 1 lb of standlee compressed orchard grass 2 times a day because he has such long stretches without anything to eat. He is eating hay from nibble met. I have not figured out how to put photos in my file so I will try here. I am going out of the country mid September and would like to have a plan before. Can I send hay results and picture of Griffin to you somehow?  Thanks

Tina Bachmann in VA 2021

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