Re: Need to help a friend in crisis. How can I add a case history for her? Can a moderator please assist with this quesiton?


Hello Mary and Jessica,

Thank you, Mary, for bringing Jessica on board.  
Posting a case history involves a few steps but it isn’t hard to do.  If you’ve got the case history put together, you’re most of the way there.  We don’t post case histories for members because that takes away your ownership of the material and adds complications; however, I would be happy to help.  I’ve just finished assembling a video on just that topic to be used at the No Laminitis Conference next weekend.  How about I send you a copy?  It’s only 8 minutes long so not too big a time waster.  If you have problems understanding the steps, you can contact me privately and I’ll try to help.  We can consider it a trial run and hope it’s more helpful than not.  


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