Re: Hay testing

Sherry Morse

Hi Tina,

Can you please update your signature with your case history link?

To do that:

1) Go to this link to amend your auto-signature:
2) Look at the bottom of that page for the window where you have your signature. to type in your name, general location, and year of joining.
3) Copy the link to your case history into the line below your location.  You may need to add a space after it or click enter to make the link live (turn it blue)

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

I don't see any hay test information in that folder.  In order to find out what supplements you need you'll need to contact one of the balancers listed in our files: for their assistance once you have hay that's been tested.  For general dieting information check all of the folder contents in the files:

Please note that we do not recommend TC 30% as a balancer due to the higher than 10% ESC+starch amounts and TC low starch forage is also not recommended as it's also not guaranteed to be below 10% ESC+starch.  You can replace the TC 30 with rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp or Stabul 1 as a mineral carrier and you can replace the Safe Starch with Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes which IS guaranteed to be under 10% ESC+starch.  You would then need to only balance the hay but not the cubes as each bag is balanced for you.  You do need to add in flax, vitamin E and salt as outlined in the emergency diet though. 

Also, just a reminder but Griffin should not be eating more than 14.5lbs a day TOTAL.  You have him eating 16 lbs of forage in addition to the balancer for a total of 16.5 pounds of day. Given his insulin level his diet needs to be dialed in much more and getting it down to the right amount of intake is an easy first step to take.

To post pictures you first need to create an album named "Tina and Griffin" in the case history photos section:

Once you've created the album you need to open it and then you can upload pictures from your device.  If you get stuck doing that let us know where you're getting stuck so we can help you.

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