Re: Hoof abscesses in front hooves

Rhonda Turley

I am aware of the dates already.I had a big battle with the boss vet about emailing the results to me ASAP when I first started with them.  I am  going to have a discussion with one vet who is coming on Friday about that. There are 2 vets in this service.  I have learned to ask for a specific one.  I have tried to work around the vets and ask the lab to specifically email me with the results but they aren't allowed even though I am the one paying for it. I used to be a vet tech but I got burned out fast as vets were the worst people to work for so I understand the business,  I have spent a lot of time educating this one vet on ECIR and she seems to accept this and understand.I have also spent a lot of time educating the barn staff(teaching the difference between alfalfa and timothy so they would stop feeding him alfalfa). The barn owner thinks she knows everything and is unteacheable. This is a bit about the personalities I am up against. His diet maybe as tight as I can get it at the moment. When I win the lottery I will buy my own barn!
Rhonda Turley
Brampton, Ontario
April 2020
Scooter and Rhonda

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