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On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 02:43 PM, Carolyn Marshall wrote:
That’s an interesting comment made today that soaking may reduce the calories too much.
Hi Carolyn. 
I'm sorry I caused confusion with my comment, which was: 
"soaking hay with already-low ESC can result in a disappointing reduction in calories." My disappointment was not in the over-reduction of calories. My disappointment was that reducing ESC by soaking as recommended here didn't result in a greater reduction in calories. Only a portion of the energy our equines get from hay is from sugars and starch. So reducing ESC by one-third from soaking does not necessarily reduce calories by one-third. It can reduce other minerals, however, affecting balancing. 

Bottom line: soaking a nicely balanced, already low-carb hay with the hope of faster weight loss may not work as well as you think for weight loss and can reduce critical minerals needed by the equine. 
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