Rita Chavez

Ok, ya’ll, 2 years ago my horse first presented as suffering from anhydrosis. He would pant so hard just standing around it hurt to watch. I treated him with shade/fans and frequently hosing down. I also tried quite a few products specifically for sweating. No luck with any of those and fortunately we got through to the cooler days and nights of fall. 

Last week Thursday I started him on the Jiaogulan powder from Mad Barn to help with recovery of his laminitis. We have been roasting hot & humid here in SC. And my horse is dripping sweat!! Is this an unexpected benefit of Jiaogulan herb?? His gums and tongue are showing much pinker than before, so according to the directions it’s working on his circulation. If so, this is awesome! He’s not even panting like last summer. 


Rita C. and Stetson (2001 Tennessee Walking Horse/Gelding, diagnosed IR)
Aiken, South Carolina USA
June 2021



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