Re: Need to help a friend in crisis. How can I add a case history for her? Can a moderator please assist with this quesiton?

Jessica Gunderson

Re: ACTH, the test that is currently out is at Cornell and I did request my vet overnight it with expedited processing so hopefully I will have that back early next week. I used an interim vet because my vet has had limited availability and I never received the actual lab work so I cannot confirm if that was Cornell or not.  Both vets here felt it is just stress from laminitis however I contacted an equine podiatrist who sees a higher volume of laminitis cases then vets here and he said they are seeing three year old's coming in with PPID and in temperature controlled barns such as where I am coat changes may be less obvious.

Re: soaked hay, we have been soaking the hay since April 1st or 2nd.

Re: Metformin, it was syringed, 
Jessica and Khan
N.D., 2021

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