Re: Need to help a friend in crisis. How can I add a case history for her? Can a moderator please assist with this quesiton?

Jessica Gunderson

She had a girth measurement of 75 and is now 68 so approximate 1185 pounds to 915 pounds, her ideal weight is probably just a little higher than she is currently. Right now her ribs are clearly visible, spine protrudes when arching back/laying down, neck has become slightly u-necked, and inadequate musculature. Zero crest at this point.

The hay is not estimated it is weighed.

She is still on Thyro-L and InsulinWise.

Response to 1. I don't have the information you are looking for but I don't think it was a stim test - the vets do not consider that safe for Khan.
Response to 2. Too young, just laminitis stress.
Response to 3. non-fasting.
Response to 4. Correct, she was on Purina WellSolve W/C for 2ish months but not since the first week in April.
Jessica and Khan
N.D., 2021

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