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Thank you truly was very hard to have a horse not allowed to be a horse....Now that I am weighing her hay out and seeing how fast she eats it I am horrified at the amount she potentially could have consumed even in the nibble net I had on the round bale. It is still hard going down every 3hrs and seeing her call out to me as soon as I am in her sights...especially since she is totally alone now until the 30yr old comes in for the night. The morning is the easiest because after she finishes her first meal over that first hour we start our riding routine which brings us back in time for her 2nd meal 3 hrs later. The rest of the day by the time I hang her next net she acts like she is dying. The muzzle was supposed to come today but it is delayed til Monday. Hopefully that will help slow her down!

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Nancy and Akira
3/20/2018  Burkesville KY

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