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Tina Bachmann

Sherry, thanks you have eased my mind. It just takes so long to get all the history updated hey testing etc. to go forward with the diet I’m going to get the timothy cubes today.  Here are my questions 
*Can you check and make sure that I put my case history link in correctly. 
*My first two hay tests went out yesterday  I did the 644 test because I could not afford 3 of the 603 test  I am hoping if any of the 3 look decent I can add on tests.
*When I stop the TC30% you suggested I use the Stabul 1 as a carrier.  I am not sure what carrier means unless it’s to add any supplements. I would rather use the Stabul 1 than the beet pulp because I travel a lot and need to make it easy for the pet sitter.  Seems like the beet pulp R/S/R takes time and looks like not many horses favor it .  How much Stabul 1 should Griffin get?
*How do I measure the TC Timothy cubes to measure the equivalent to 1 lb of hay?  I will be giving 4 feedings of this thruout the day. *Griffin now weighs 720 with weight tape so he has lost 
approx 60lbs since May 2021  TRH test done on 6/10/2921 Insuline baseline 67.36ulU/ml 10-40
                  TRH response: ACTH Pre 35.9pg/ml 
                                                   Post 156 pg/ml 2 -110
He was started on Prascend and is now getting 1 pill a day  and doing well on it. I was going to get Vet to come do an ACTH to see insulin level since he is IR/ppid
*Do the puffy pockets above the eyes ever go down?  Griffin has lost his crest but above the eyes are still puffy.
I i’m not sure where my Case History went???? It was there before. I will try and update everything this weekend. Thanks for all of your help. It is greatly appreciated by myself and Griffin!!!

Tina Bachmann in VA

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