Re: Hay testing

Sherry Morse

Hi Tina,

It's like the old joke about 'how do you eat an elephant' - one bite (or in this case step) at a time.  I know the joke isn't PC, but you get the idea.

Your CH link is fine now.

The 644 is good to get you started.  You can always ask them to do a full test if one of the ones you sent in is appropriate.

Yes, as far as the Stabul-1 - you only need something as a carrier for supplements, otherwise you can just feed hay or the balance cubes.  We recommend the minimal amount needed to get supplements in and whatever is fed for a concentrate needs to come out of the total amount fed per day (that's 2% of ideal weight or 1.5% of current weight whichever is greater - if Griffin's ideal is the 720 he's at now he should be eating no more than 14.4 pounds a day) 

The timothy balance cubes are fed at a 3:4 ratio for hay (so 3/4lb of cubes is equivalent to a pound of hay).  So to anticipate your next question - they are more calorie dense than hay so if you're replacing 4 pounds of hay with 3 pounds of cubes you use the lbs of hay when considering the total per day to make things - in theory - less confusing.

The puffy eye pockets should decrease once insulin is under good control. 

I could not find your CH so I don't know if it was deleted by accident or ???  If it's saved on your device just upload it again to your main folder.

Most importantly - keep breathing!  You're on the right path and we're here to help you both.

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