Re: New trim photos

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Donna, '

That does sound like she probably blew an abscess as many times a horse with an abscess will be crippled lame - many times on only one foot - and will become sound as soon as it exits.

I did some relabeling of Dolly's pictures as they were a tad confusing. That soft spot is worrisome - please be sure to keep her in boots as there shouldn't be any soft spots in the soles. It might be where an abscess drained and it looks like some of the sole was cut out in that area, which would not be recommended when the soles are already thin.

What kind of oil are you applying and for what purpose? When she is spending so much time in boots, it is usually better to just use foot powder on the soles to help keep them dry and prevent unwanted fungus/bacteria from setting up shop due to the dark, moist conditions.

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