Re: Butterscotch I:G ratio #file-notice


Thank you so much Sherry and Kirsten for your replies. 

In terms of weight she has always had a bit of a crest ("always" being since I got her end of January), but a bit ribby so I put her at 5+ before to average her out. Now on pasture she has a bit better rib coverage but I didn't think to actually measure her neck before putting her out, so I can't be sure but her crest looks about the same to me. So I put her at a 6? I am new to actually using body score so I will try to post a picture to see if that makes sense compared to the last one I posted. I also still need to get actual measurements for weight... my brain is like a sieve most days...

And this was the first I heard that the ACTH is supposed to be in middle of normal range, love the knowledge offered here in this group thank you. I will be in touch with my Vet today about raising the pergolide. From my experience so far they have very limited knowledge, are there any suggestions for how much would be a reasonable amount to bump up the pergolide to? We are at 1mg now, I am imagining going up to 1 1/2 or 2mg? 

Naomi D, AB Canada, 2021

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