Re: Severe itching from fly? allergies in IR horse


I see a lot of correlation with EMS horses and sweet itch/fly/gnat allergy, including one of my family's. Diet control does seem to help. My family mare has been on Benadryl to help control the reaction for many years... certain sprays work better for repellent, and Skin So Soft seems to also be a good one (but haven't tried Lemon Eucalyptus!). Unfortunately the most successful product we found is no longer brought into the states from the UK.

SWAT along the midline can definitely be helpful. For a simple barrier and skin soothing, Desitin works well.

Anti-inflammatory elements to the diet, like flax, also seem to help somewhat. There's no real 1-off approach that I've found... a lot of chipping away at things.

Prophecy - 33 yo Morgan - PPID
Missy - 8yo Morgan - EMS
San Diego, CA

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