Re: Colic Surgery- Please Help Onyx

Elizabeth Kuzma

The hospital took him off his timothy hay since he was having trouble passing it through the resection area.  They said it would be a trial and error sort of experience of what he could tolerate.  They are restarting him only on my Triple Crown timothy balnced cubes, beet pulp (rinsed, soaked, rinsed), and Stabul 1 to see how he handles only that.  However, I have no idea on how much of it all to feed.  Would this combination also be fed at a 2% of body weight, all weighed dry??

I also would assume that just feeding the Ontario cubes will get very expensive quickly and boring to him.  I was trying to see if anyone had any sort of experience in chopping their own hay to make it easier for digestion and more convincing to eat for the horse. 
Aug. 2019, Patchogue, NY
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