Re: Severe itching from fly? allergies in IR horse


Hi, Jeannette. Welcome from Sonoma County. I suggest you join our sister group, EC Horsekeeping, 
and review the file What to do about Culicoid Sensitivity.  Lots of good information there. Essentially you want to treat your horse for both neck threadworm (serial doses of ivermectin) and midges. You'll find information about how to help the itch and to mix a barrier cream. Just recognize that once an allergy is rampaging, your horse's skin can be sensitive to essential oils along with everything else. Start slowly with one topical at a time and watch for a reaction like hives or more swelling where you used the topical.

My itchy horse gets almost immediate itch relief (tho it's temporary) from, of all things, Noxema (thank you, Dr Kellon). After she calms down, I put on a barrier cream. For now, I'm using Swat because her biggest gripe is flies feeding around her belly button. Your problem sounds more extensive, so I suggest you approach this by doing a lot of different things (I'm not talking about different topicals - I mean address the dietary components, deworming and supplements -) at once to try to stop this terrible itch. In my lifelong experience with allergies, there is no one single fix, but several things help about 30%. Stack them up, and you can get a lot of relief.

Midges are a much bigger problem here in the damp spring. It's quite dry where I live, so midges aren't bothering my mares right now. But depending where your horse is located, midges can cause misery right through the summer.
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