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Nancy C

Hi Daisy

I went looking for info on google to try to help you Daisy, and my head just about exploded. Was looking for Dr Duke's phytochemical database and instead found link after link of misinformation about "safer grass" "fructan" "grass management".  "Feed xyz supplement and you too can have grass!"

The reality is, Daisy, sugar will vary through the day, and the season. Weeds are often very stressed, producing more ESC, and very high in things like iron as well.

We've have just finished the NO Laminitis! Conference where significant research and background were outlined as to why it is ESC and Starch that are the issue with our EMS horses, and why for most EMS horses, there is no "safe time" for unlimited turn out.  Over the past weekend, we've heard a lot about the main driver of laminitis in 80-90% of our horses: hyperinsulinemia driven by high ESC and high starch, and uncontrolled PPID.

Post exercise in a horse who's insulin is well controlled, is the best time for grass, or even weeds, but you could still be playing with fire when seasonal rise comes into play.

Here's a couple of links that do not speak directly to weeds and sugar/starch, but review what is important for our EMS horses.

For give my soapbox moment, Daisy. It's not about your question, but about the ocean of bad information that continues to circulate.
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