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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jessica,

Based on the rads in your file,there is NO severe bony column rotation, although there may be some slight rotation present. There is some sinking and thin soles. What IS there, is capsular rotation, which is a trim issue. Khan's toes are way too long and being allowed to get longer and longer. This is compromising the hoof integrity and thinning her soles, along with starting to cause some coffin bone deterioration. From your description of what is happening after trims, it sounds like there is material being trimmed from the bottom of her feet - which is why she is becoming so sore after every trim. The bottoms of her feet need to be left alone so she can build sole depth. It's her toes that need to be brought back.

Based on the rad showing the Ultimates application, they are making things very much worse, as they have been improperly applied - please get those removed ASAP and just put her some padded hoof boots while we help you get the trimming situation sorted out. Her toe length needs to be backed up quite a bit more while having her heels lowered so that she isn't being forced to stand on the tips of her coffin bones.Totally agree that another venogram is not a good idea.

Using Jiaogulan will help increase blood flow, but it will also increase the growth rate of her feet, which is not a good thing until the trim can be straightened out. If you would please post a full set of hoof photos, I can help you get her trim squared away. Here's what is needed:

There is no reason to believe she is not going to recover if you get the trim straightened out. You are (hopefully) already addressing the dietary issues and the possible PPID that are driving the problems, so once you can get the trim squared away, she should be in a position to start regrowing better attached hoof walls. The current walls and damaged lamina do not "heal", they need to be allowed to grow out , which replaces the damaged material with new, healthier material. It takes 9-12 months for a hoof capsule to grow down from the top the the ground and you start counting once all the triggers that are causing the problems have been removed.

If you could give us a better idea of where you are located, we can probably help in finding a trimmer to help your situation.

Hang in there.

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