Re: hoof problems


I can't believe this, but by golly, you can bet I will try it the next time
either of the mules ladies get an abscess. Chances are it will be Pandora
Mule, of course. Unfortunately, we have to wait for her abscesses to break
before we even call the vet. Yeah, she has to go through the excruciating
pain, be 3 legged lame for about 4 days and then finally, when she can put
weight back on the hoof, because of the pressure release when the abscess
breaks, we have to have the abscess pared out. Saves a lot of digging and
looking for something that isn't quite visible, hate to do that to her. So
you can bet next time I will be soaking this girl's tootsie in vinegar and
water. We will let you know the results! Right now we are dealing with the
skin problem. Hooves ----- well, right now, but I don't want to brag, you
all know how quickly this picture can change from fair to bad, don't you?
Kay, in NY

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