Re: Need help with path forward for severe rotation

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jessica,

Agree that based on that ACTH, PPID is not a factor - which given Khan's age is not surprising.

Not meaning to be flippant here but who are the "some people" who are suggesting that there is irreversible damage? What damage are they referring to? What are they basing that prognosis on?

Venograms come with their own set own pluses and minuses - which you are well aware of as the last ones were not done correctly. I don't see anything on the rads that suggests there is any irreversible damage here but I do see a trim and shoeing package that are pushing things in a negative direction if not corrected. I don't see that there are any factors supporting the need to risk another venogram at this time.

Not a dumb question - yes, a new hoof capsule grows out completely from top to bottom in 9-12 month's time. The internal structures are not replaced, they need to heal/repair. How long that takes, and how well they do the job, depends on many factors: removal of all the underlying causes; nutritionally tight and appropriate diet to supply all the needed building blocks; time.Once you have these in place, then yu can reassess the situation as warranted.

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