Re: Good news on insulin level but now what?? #file-notice

Sherry Morse

Hi Alice,

Some horses who are PPID and IR will see an elevation in insulin during the seasonal rise when their ACTH levels go up.  Since Peanut is only IR and not PPID that isn't a concern at this point.  Keeping her trim on point and her insulin as low as possible (via diet and exercise) is going to be the key to keeping her happy and healthy going forward.

Personally, my gelding has never tested below 45 for insulin even though he's in regular work (5 - 6 days a week of dressage training and/or trail riding) and doesn't have a crest or obvious fat pockets.  I keep his trim and diet as tight as I can but I do worry about him, particularly as he is getting older (19 now).

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