Re: Good news on insulin level but now what?? #file-notice

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Alice,

Like Sherry's Scutch, who does not look like an EMS horse (there's a photo of him on our website, second horse down:, baseline insulin in some horses can still be abnormal even though the horse is sound and in full work.  Other horses can get to lower insulin levels and benefit from doing so.  Both my horse and Lynn's Relevante ( ) show signs of problems when insulin is in the "40's".  When we soaked our hay to get the insulin lower, the physical signs improve, and in my horse's case the insulin dropped to just a few points above normal. 

So it really depends on your horse.  If Peanut has no outward signs of IR/EMS and is 100% sound then that is probably a reasonable baseline for her.  But if you still see physical signs, like a hard crest or fatty pockets above her eyes, then I personally would aim for lower.

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