Re: Mayonnaise for dosing


Interesting conversation. We have a wonderful compounding pharmacy here in Southern Oregon, with "tiny tabs" of peppermint and apple flavorings. These are about the size of a half of your baby pinkie fingernail. Conki fought me with these for two months. I finally figured out that I was paying TWICE the dollar amount for a 30-day supply (equal to Prascend) and have moved over to the Arizona pharmacy, where I'm paying $42 for a 2 mg tab for 30 days.

Huh. Practically gobbles them down. Unflavored. I core a tiny carrot with a metal straw, or a wedge of apple, and follow up with a few more doses of plain apple, carrot, and FLIX cookies. Voila, he's chomping it all right down. I actually think it's been the peppermint flavoring that put him off.

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