Re: Need help with path forward for severe rotation

Jessica Gunderson

Thank you. I would not proceed with tenotomies.  There was a request made for the feedback I received and I am being responsive to that in comparing the different schools of thought regarding laminitis.  The difficulty is in finding a farrier locally or a farrier who is willing to travel to Khan to do the derotation trimmings.  I have never rasped a horse so I am not comfortable taking it on myself.  My farrier is considered the best in the area and this is where we have ended up.  I could possibly find a couple of inexperienced farriers who would be willing to follow instructions however my farrier has been sedating Khan for trims since the onset of laminitis and I do not think that these less experienced farriers are going to be set up for that.  Can these horses be trimmed lying down? I can try but its going to be hard to get a vet to come out for every trim to sedate Khan until she is feeling better depending on how frequent the trims need to be. Are there any farriers who can do this who could travel to Khan, at least initially to start the process with a new farrier?
Jessica and Khan
N.D., 2021

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