retesting ACTH before Seasonal rise?

HL's Mom

Hi all-
I haven't been in this group for a while because everything's been going great. My girl has been doing well this year, in both lessons & competition. However, she seemed "funky" the other day in a lesson & I'm not sure if it's the start of the Fall Seasonal rise or something else(heat & humidity). She had less energy than usual, even when my instructor got on her.

To back up: In December 2020 I had her ACTH levels tested. Pre-TRH was 18.7, post-TRH was 30.6, within normal range (for comparison, when she was 1st tested in 2017 the numbers were 16.9 & 185). She had been on 1.5 Prascend 1xd in the Fall of 2020, when she was really lackluster, but then after the ACTH we dropped her dosage to 1 1xd. On my vet's suggestion I increased the dosage back to 1.5 1xd mid-June, and she's been fine.

I'm wondering if I should do another ACTH test when the vet comes out next week, or if it could be something else; like I said it was hot & humid (I've had to clip her 3 times this summer but her coat's growing again with the shortened daylight & everything else). She's also a bit stiff until she's had a good warm-up, but she's always been like that. Her hocks may need reinjecting, as it's been over a year.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Diann & Mithrandir
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