Re: Colic Surgery- Please Help Onyx

Elizabeth Kuzma

Dr. Kellon,
Thank you for your response....
I have taken him off cubes completely since being uncomfortable Thursday, and put him on Stabul 1 only.  Like suggested built him up to almost his full amount over the course of the last few days since the major discomfort.  He has been a lot better and brighter acting.  Early this morning he started to show some discomfort again but very quick bouts of laying down and rolling and was up after 2 minutes of laying down.  I have been feeding the Stabul 1 every 3 hours and build him up to about 13 pounds so far.  Since his discomfort I have split the meals in half and fed them in 1.5 hr increments.  His incision opened a bit and began draining Thursday.  No fever and vet has cultured what is draining for antibiotics on standby.  The resection from my understanding was the best possible scenario of the last 5 ft of small intestine that joined to the large intestine.  

I am wondering if the incision itself is what has been bothering him recently, but he is tolerating the stabul 1 a lot better than the cubes combined with it.  It is Monday now and his last feeding with cubes was this past Thursday.  He is still pooping some hay cubes oddly after this many days of not having any.  

What is your suspicion that is happening that is making these uncomfortable episodes??
Aug. 2019, Patchogue, NY
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