Re: Please help me with my beloved mare #photo

Sherry Morse

Hi Kelly,

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As far as your mare - we need to know if her bloodwork was done fasting or not.  If it was done fasting she does test as IR.  Her current hoof issues will not be solved by a tenetomy in our experience but by a good corrective trim which brings her toes back to where they should be and keeping her in boots which will provide support for her as her feet recover. 

Were she mine I would get her out of the current appliances ASAP and get her trimmed correctly. You'll probably see a good deal of improvement in her attitude once she's not being put in a position where all the weight is being pushed down on to the tip of her coffin bone.

What is her current weight vs. ideal weight?  Did the vet advise you to start her on Insulinwise and Thryo-L to reduce weight or insulin?  We as a group have seen little success with Insulinwise (although they do apparently offer money back if it doesn't work) and Thyro-L will help jump start weight loss but will not reduce insulin.  Her insulin level as listed in your bloodwork is well below what we usually recommend metformin for, particularly without diet changes being implemented.  I'm sure your et is taking the "kitchen sink" approach, however the downside of that is that you then don't know what worked vs. what did not.

We recommend diet and trim changes to start and then using Metformin on those horses who don't see a reduction in insulin with the changes in diet and exercise as possible.  That helps you get a clearer idea on what is working and what does not.

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