Re: Testing hay pellets

Joy V

Hi Bonnie,

He's getting 1 1/2 cup of orchard pellets & 1/2 cup of LMF Low NSC Complete right now.  I'm trying to do away with the LMF completely & shift over to 1/2 beet pulp & 1/2 hay pellets only because the beet pulp is way lower in sugar than the hay pellets & LMF.  It's only for the supplements, but he's super picky about the salt so I have a hard time getting him to eat them with any less carrier and he is NOT a fan of the beet pulp pellets I bought.  I think they are too mushy for him.  I plan on buying shredded beet pulp this week.  I did use LMF & beet pulp for a couple of weeks and noticed a huge difference in his crest & sheath and then he started turning up his nose at his buckets.  When I took out the beet pulp he was a fan of the buckets again.  The change in his appearance made up my mind to get rid of the LMF altogether.  But I want to analyze the orchard pellets though to see how much sugar they have because they may not be appropriate for him either.

He's eating tested hay for meals though.  I have an updated case history that I didn't upload yet, but it already needs further updating (to reflect more weight loss YAY!).

Thank you!


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