Re: Please help me with my beloved mare #photo


I think I got it fixed. I just wanted to get some opinions because this is all so confusing. My mare is hospitalized on fluids right now. The surgeon reviewed her radiographs and agrees that the ddft tenotomy is not in her best interest especially since she has so much sole still. His biggest concern is the amount of inflammation in the dorsal hoof wall. He measured it and said it is about 31mm. He is concerned with that much inflammation the coffin bone isn’t getting much blood flow. He said there is really no way to fix this and despite all our efforts she might not get better. I really scared and not sure what I should do. 

She is on the emergency diet with hour soaked Timothy (waiting to get analysis results back) magnesium, vitamin E and flax seed. She is only getting 10% of her body weight. 

She is also on pergolide which has been increased. 

is there anything else I can be doing for my mare. I am so scared too much damage has been done and she will never get better. 



Kelly Lear in Texas 2021

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