Re: Please help me with my beloved mare #photo


Hi Kelly,
I’m just a lay person here when it comes to feet but to me it looks like a normal closely clipped hoof.

Soaking her hay will decrease her need for water.  I notice that mine don’t drink as much when they’re eating soaked hay.

I put together a video on how to post your case history for the recent ECIR conference.  It’s brief to fit into an allotted time frame.  Others I’ve threatened to share it with have posted their case history within hours without the help of my video so I still don’t know if it would be useful.  I’ll send you a link if you like.  If where you are is anything like what it is here, I understand your ‘frazzlement’.  Vets are way overworked and techs are dropping like flies.  Things move more slowly with Covid protocols and people have adopted all sorts of ‘Covid pets’ which now need attention.
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