Re: Please help me with my beloved mare #photo

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Kelly,

Is she showing signs of being more comfortable in the cloud boots?  The swelling at the coronet band could also just be from moisture/humidity in the boot.  I don't think its a big enough bulge to worry about just now, especially as it is very symmetrical and around both fronts.  You could try adding athletic cotton socks and human foot powder to help absorb any excess moisture.  The texture of the socks also increases circulation.  I'm assuming the boots have pads in them already.

It would be helpful to have rads without the wedges on to see what her current hoof-pastern axis is when her hooves are flat, as that will help guide trim decisions. 

I would also not worry now about how much damage is permanent at this stage.  Saddie is going to need time to heal and grow a new hoof capsule.  With the right diet (her insulin is under fairly good control), pergolide dose (also seems to be under fairly good control) and trimming she will likely have a full recovery.  We have seen much worse cases here.

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