Re: Testing hay pellets

Joy V

Hi Sherry,

I did try leaving loose salt for him.  He dumped it out.  He was probably expecting an extra, tasty bucket, and got salt.  Outrage.  

He will lick a salt block, and I've got one in his shelter, but we all know that it's impossible to know what he's getting and he is more likely than not, not getting enough.

I have backed off on the salt and have been working it back up, but I'm only giving him 1/10 of a gram more per day.  So far so good, but this AM he wouldn't finish his bucket because beet pulp.  I left it with him and maybe he will get bored and eat the rest later.  He's very good about not eating spoiled food so I'm not worried about that possibility.

Thank you for the suggestions!


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Nevada County, CA - 2019

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