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Hi Kelly,
Thanks for posting a case history.  It would benefit from the addition of the metabolic panel information you’ve posted in your photo album.  There are places on the CH form just for that information but you would need to transcribe it.
I did notice that you are apparently giving metformin once a day.  The dosage you’re using is recommended to be given twice daily.  As it appears that your insulin testing was done before the metformin was started, and it wasn’t outrageously high, it might be better to save the metformin use for later should you need it.  If she becomes more uncomfortable without it, you can always start it again.  Some horses benefit from its pain mediation effects even if it doesn’t decrease the insulin by much.

Edited to add:  I meant to mention that one of your reports indicates that the mare is on bute.  Is that still the case?  I did not see that included in the CH report.   She is also on omeprazole and it is not advisable to give NSAIDs and omeprazole together.  Best to wean off the NSAIDs if she’s still on them.
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