Re: Mayonnaise for dosing

Deb Walker

Enjoying reading everyone's creative ideas. For me...any carrier AT ALL that was considered a treat worked for only a very SHORT time. Even months after whatever I used, Scotty refused to take a "treat" from me. He gets the tiny little pergolide capsules, so I can't imagine there is a negative flavor factor. So, I now stand on his side (sometimes he tries to run away but it doesn't work) put his chin on my shoulder to raise his head as much as possible, with my left hand over his nose, and shove the capsule in the right side of his mouth, then clamp my hands over the front of his mouth to prevent spitting out. If I see the capsule on his tongue, I just slide it back with my fingers. I suppose this is easier when your horse has no back teeth :) :) :) He still manages to spit it out, and I just pick it back up and shove it back in. I hug him and pet his nose until I hear him swallow.

Janalee mentioned peppermint flavoring above. The one thing I discovered from Day 1 of owning Scotty is that he does not like peppermint.

Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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