New lateral xrays for Bugsy

Judy and Bugsy

I had the vet do lateral rads on Bugsy when vet was out doing teeth. Rads were done 3 weeks post trim.   I had the rads done more out of curiosity as Bugsy continues to do well.  He wears boots when we ride outside and when walking to and from the barn, he still chooses to walk on the side of the path where there is grass/weeds, so I know he is not 100%.  Plus prior to warm up, he still has a sensitive back when pressure is applied, and will still occasionally shift on his front feet. 
I see that his sole isn't as thick as I would like and I don't think the tip of the coffin bone has changed since his April 2020 rads.  During the NO Laminitis Conference, I recall someone saying (I can't recall which speaker it was)  if the bones align, then there's a good chance that the coffin bone may never sit properly in the hoof capsule (I think I heard that right... I'm waiting to re-listen to everything when the recordings are available and I'm not distracted by 1001 things around here.), but with everyone's help on this board, especially Lavinia and her markups, we have gone from booted 24/7 to riding up to 1 hour in boots outside and no boots in sand arena.  

I also had rads done on my 3 year old QH.  Rads confirm suspicion of negative or zero plantar angle and the bullnose hoof capsule is very apparent in the rads - we are working on getting her feet sorted out as well.  Oh, these darn horses! lol


Judy and Bugsy

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Feb. 25, 2020


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