Hay recommendations


My mare is a very picky eater and always have been. She is not a fan of soaked hay at all. I have been soaking the Timothy and she will nibble
on It but she is definitely not eating 2% of her body weight. In fact she would rather eat her manure. I have access to Bermuda grass hay and orchard grass hay too and I sent samples out for analysis for the Timothy, Bermuda and orchard but haven’t gotten those back yet. 

My question is should I keep with the timothy and let her just nibble at it or should I try a different soaked hay like the orchard or Bermuda. I am scared to switch hay on her and cause any changes in the microbes in her intestines. But I am also concerned if she isn’t eating enough she will have insulin rises due to the lack of food. 

Please let me know what everyone thinks is best. 



Kelly Lear in Texas 2021



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