Re: Hay recommendations

Sherry Morse

Hi Kelly,

Let's back up a step.  She was originally on Teff and eating that, correct?  Is there a reason you did not just soak that hay as she was already used to it? Do you still have access to that hay?  If so, you may want to try soaking that and see if she will eat it. 

Has she been started on APF yet? 

If metformin is being given via syringe is her mouth being rinsed out after administration?  You can read more about the way to properly administer metformin to avoid oral ulcers here:

Lack of food would cause insulin to drop, not rise - it's one of the reasons that horses that have been fasted will have lower insulin readings and why Saddie's 24.61 result may seem normal, but it's actually not.  A horse that's been fasted for testing should have a level below 10. 

If she's still on NSAIDs at this point long term use of them can cause ulcers which lead to a decrease in appetite that's something to consider as well.  Even pain by itself can cause a decrease in appetite so be aware of that as well.

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