Re: Hoffman's BalanceIR Ration question for Sherry

Jennifer Green

Thanks Maxine,

Just got new hay yesterday. I’m going to collect samples today for a new hay test and then have the new hay balanced. I’m on the tail end of the CA Trace Plus so with all the new info, it could be a good tune to make changes. My main concern is that Fergus can be picky and making a change that doesn’t taste as good or tastes different might be a challenge.  Do picky eaters tend to like the Madbarn products?

The last hay we had needed maganese added, so Madbarn it might be a good option. The hay is from eastern Canada, so it might balance better with the Canadian products.

Fergus has not been footy at all, but I really do just want to get it right in a way that he’s willing to eat it. If rice bran has the potential to cause problems, I’d rather try to move to something less risky. If this pony ever founders, I’ll at least be able to say I tried my very very best.
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