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I saw the other post from Jennifer/Sherry on this.

Magic is on Omneity from Madbarn with timothy pellets as a carrier but he will no longer eat it.  I have tried different flavouring and he leaves it in the bucket even through the night.  He went off his grain so we treated him for ulcer (omeprazole) and I am on the 4th week of treatment with no improvement.

I already tried timothy balance, soy hull pellets, any kind of flavouring you can imagine. I have a full variety.  So far fenugreek is a winner, but still not enough for him. I cooked 3 recipes that I took here and he doesn't like anything, but all my other horses are going crazy for my cookies.

I am trying to find something a little tastier to help (as a carrier).  If I give him a bit of Purina Simplici-T fibra (which he cannot have), he is happy. Can't take a chance.

There is nothing for IR horses in Canada and I tried to find a way to get Stabul1, but there is just no way and I can't cross the border yet as it's still closed. This mini is going to kill me, I swear.

Thank you
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