Re: Please help me with my beloved mare #photo

Sherry Morse

Hi Kelly,

Sadie should be getting:
Mg (you can provide this much more economically than the Remission but can use that until it's gone)
Vitamin E
as outlined in the Emergency Diet:

All 3 of those hays should be ok to feed without soaking BUT if she shows more signs of discomfort with it not soaked you may need to soak it for her.  We use 10% ESC+starch as our standard cutoff but some horses need lower levels than other to avoid foot soreness.

Stopping the NSAIDs will help with the perfusion issue as will having a correct trim in place.  You can also use Laminox (info here: Jiaogulan may help as well but I wouldn't start that until you have a correct trim in place as it will accelerate hoof growth.

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