Re: Hoof wall/toe question

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Nicole,

That's laminar wedge material on the RF (and likely there's some on the LF as well). The sole is pretty flat, which generally means there is not enough sole depth = being sore if not padded. There appears to be an area of the sole at the toe that has been trimmed away. She does have some bone loss medially, which you can see clearly on the 2019 RFDP60 view, as well as on all of the DP views.

Toes need to be backed up more. RF appears to be laterally high as well. The boots aren't causing the problems, they're just helping her deal with them.

Have you had her blood work checked since Feb? Last year, her ACTH spiked quite high seasonally and so did her insulin. As we're into the seasonal rise period, it would be advisable to have her blood work pulled now to see whether her pergolide dose is sufficiently controlling her PPID and also to see what her insulin is doing. Her Insulin in Feb was just above the reference range so it has never actually been well controlled and could be even higher now. In the body shot, her crest is quite pronounced - is this a change or has it always been this way?

Her diet doesn't appear to have been mineral balanced until the last two months, when she was switched over to the ODTBC. Is that correct? If so, she was deficient in at least copper and zinc, which are important in building good hoof.

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