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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Nicole,

Totally understand you had to prioritize things and the life-threatening ones are obviously the most important. Then, you deal with any fallout as the horse stabilizes.

Her blood work shows she crossed the line into diabetes in June and her insulin was level was definitely affecting her laminar connections. Her ACTH was OK at that point. Can you get  new blood work drawn to see where things stand now?
Crests can be stubborn and the longer they have been in place, the harder they can be to get improved. Obviously, the colitis hospitalization didn't do her any favors in that department but now you can focus more on her underlying issues.

If her total diet is ODTBC, all she needs to have added to those is ground flax (done); salt - start adding it to her cubes as well as providing it loose; vitamin E - human gelcaps are the most cost effective - you don't need to add anything else extra.

Her trim is the most important mechanical aspect - shoes are only a band-aid that will make the situation worse if attached to a less-than-optimal trim. Make sure her boots have aggressive bevels rasped into the treads at the toes and across the heels. Although the Clouds have a bevel at the toe, it's not enough of one. The best boots are ones that she is comfortable in and a therapy style like the Clouds is likely all that will fit reasonably well at this juncture.

Her trim needs to leave the soles, bars and frogs completely alone for the time being, while backing-up the horizontal toe length thru that wedge material and likely thru what appears to be the white line. The bone loss has been present for some time and can affect the integrity of the white line that is generated from that area, making it less tight and possibly more prone to separation. Keeping the rim as tight as possible is key to minimizing any impact it has. She will continue to be sore - and her hoof capsules won't get healthier- until her insulin levels get brought down into a much lower range. That needs to be the priority now. In the photo, she appears to be standing somewhat camped out, so not comfortable. I'd want to see her a bit slimmer, as to me she's more of a 5.5 to 6 BCS at this point and would do better as a 4.5 to 5.

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