Re: Saddie’s new radiographs that show sinking, Lavinia please review

Maxine McArthur

Hi Kelly
My mare has a degree of sinking too and I understand your concern. Perhaps it might help to think about it like this (well, it helps me, so putting it out there for what it’s worth):
in order to reverse any sinking, the hoof needs to grow well-connected laminae from the top to the bottom. Hence our focus on Diagnosis and Diet, to remove any factors that may be hindering laminar connection metabolically. 

In order for the laminae to be able to tightly connect the hoof wall and P3 as they grow down, the trim needs to remove outer hoof wall and possibly some laminar wedge at ground level, so that there are no interfering leverage forces on the new, tighter laminar connection. The hoof wall grows, so ideally this outer wall will be removed (beveled) every two weeks or so until the new hoof capsule grows down. As you know, this takes 9 months or more, so it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And this is why Trim is a pillar of our philosophy.
The thin soles also need support and protection. Some horses (my mare included) may always need padded boots when ridden on harder surfaces.

I think Lavinia tagged you in Pete Ramey’s article on distal descent, which I return to every time I get discouraged. Here it is again:

Hope this helps. I’m glad Saddie is feeling better.


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